Dr. Chris Marrison - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Chris Marrison serves as leader of Risk Integrated, setting the company’s directives and overseeing operations. Leveraging his broad base of experience in risk management for credit risk, market risk, business control, asset and liability management, commercial real estate and project finance, he also leads the risk methodology work for our diverse clients.

Chris founded Risk Integrated in partnership with Yusuf Jafry in 2001 after identifying the need for a sophisticated risk management system that could be fully integrated into an organization’s existing business processes—essentially automating the consulting process. Chris has consulted financial institutions, multinational corporations and governments in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. He earned his doctorate in engineering from Princeton University in 1995, completing his thesis on the risk assessment of aircraft control systems.

Before founding Risk Integrated, Chris was a Managing Principal with the Capital Markets Company and Senior Engagement Manager at the Oliver Wyman Group. He also served in the Royal Air Force as an engineering officer. Chris is the author of The Fundamentals of Risk Measurement (McGraw Hill 2002), as well as numerous papers dealing with risk. He can be reached at chris.marrison@riskintegrated.com.

Dr. Yusuf Jafry - Chief Technical Officer

Yusuf Jafry co-founded Risk Integrated in 2001 with the goal of overseeing the development of new systems to commercialize our proprietary risk management technology. As CTO, he is responsible for all phases of product development and customization for diverse financial institutions such as multinational banks, building societies and financial regulators. Yusuf works hand-in-hand with customers’ Information Technology departments to ensure full, enterprise-wide integration of our system with their risk management infrastructure and business processes. He also oversees all hosted agreements, technology partnership agreements, user training, and system maintenance agreements.

With ten years' experience developing advanced mission concepts and dynamic simulations for the European Space Agency, Yusuf is an expert in dynamic systems, simulation and software development. He earned his doctorate in aerospace control systems from Stanford University in 1992 and his Master's degree from MIT. Before Risk Integrated, he developed the award-winning WaveWarp real-time, interactive signal processing system. Yusuf can be contacted at yusuf.jafry@riskintegrated.com.