Consulting at Risk Integrated

In many situations, installing our products—customizing where necessary—provides the best available solution for our customers. However, we also provide a variety of classic risk consulting services to varied financial services.

Bank Examiner Training

Risk Integrated has produced extensive bank examiner training sessions for both the World Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Both needed to specially train their examiners to assess member banks’ loan portfolios for Basel II compliance.

Determining Optimal Risk Methodology

Our consultants are called on for their expertise in designing the complete or partial risk management framework to be used enterprise-wide at large financial services organizations. For example, Risk Integrated reviewed the methodology and data being used for one company’s value-at-risk calculator. In the end, the company’s senior management was provided with a report assessing the calculator and recommending steps for enhancement. Technical assistance has been given to financial services firms’ research departments to understand the application of economic capital for structured finance.

Risk Measurement for Infrastructure Guarantees

Risk Integrated has undertaken multiple projects aimed at providing quantification of risk in outstanding infrastructure guarantees for OECD governments, emerging markets governments and the World Bank. The guarantees often support the financing for large, national infrastructure projects such as power stations, highways, SOEs or bridge construction.